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  What is MyBBExtra?

MyBBExtra is a branch hosting service of Regentronique.


MyBBExtra is a free MyBB hosting service, one of our main aims is to provide our consumers (users of our service) a great forum experience by going beyond their expectations. We pride ourselves in being one of the best MyBB hosting services because we have no premium benefits, therefore everything is free and you do not have to pay a penny to use any of the services available (For example: Database backups).


  General MyBBExtra features
  • 100% Free

  • Only one Ad in the footer - Most hosts are willing to make your forum look ugly by loading it with multiple ads so they can get more money. We are NOT one of these hosts!

  • Includes many themes & plugins (Including shoutbox which most hosts forbid)

  • Ability to request plugins & themes on our support board
    Great forums for support

  • Free forum sub domain (

  • Always updated to latest version o (Currently: 1.4.13)

  • Many, many more! - Come check us out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.


  General MyBB features
  • Very secure forum software

  • Fast speed

  • Rated 2008's best forum software (On

  • Ajax tech - Allowing you to do many things without loading a new page

  • Easy and fast moderation

  • Extensive permissions allowing you to change many things

  • Active development - New updates are being made constantly, bugs, vulnerabilities etc... get fixed quickly.

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