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MyBBExtra stores data when you signup for a forum. We guarantee this data will never be given out to anyone except system administrators (Managers). The data we store is your E-mail address, your IP and the date you created your forum. This is for security measures to prevent hackers and also allows us to contact you easily (Ex. If you break a rule in our terms of service).

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When you signup to a forum a cookie is stored on your PC / Laptop. This is to allow the system to check when you last logged in the forum. In addition your E-mail address is stored along with your IP. MyBBExtra staff will never ask or give out this information.

A staff member will never ask for your admin password. If a system administrator is not online you may create an admin account via your admin control panel at your own risk. Otherwise please wait for the system administrator to come online.

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Hosted forum owners have the ability to read private messages by their users if they enable the modification. MyBBExtra is NOT responsible for any private information that gets leaked out via forum administrations.

MyBBExtra is not responsible for the information you provide on hosted forums.

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