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  Why MyBBExtra?

You should choose MyBBExtra to any other hosting service because:

  Unlimited Bandwidth
Got a forum with 10 visitors? 100 visitors? 1000 visitors? 10,000 visitors? No worry, we never limit the amount of traffic your forum has! Use all the bandwidth you need! If we are running low on bandwidth, no problem, leave it to us to upgrade the servers!
-Traffic is NOT limited! Use as much as you need.
  1st Class Support
None of our support staff are "Fresh out of the pot", we hand pick our staff that we feel has contributed to either MyBBExtra or MyBB as a whole.

Do you need support? No problem, we won't rest until your issue has been solved!
  Well built servers
All your forums are hosted on great servers to ensure maximum performance! The servers are located in the United States in a New York or Houston data centre.

Servers minimum specs: Quad Core, 2MB cache processors, 500Gigs Disk drive and 2 GB RAM.
  24/7 support
Support is always accessible to you, 24/7. You can use our support forums which is always available to you! We are currently releasing some guides to help you get along more with your MyBB forum.

If you need support, we'll be here for you!
  Free sub domain for life
You want a forum? We provide free forums? MyBBExtra will give you free sub domains for life for your MyBB forum. You don't need to worry about any costs as we cover every cost that arises (Such as hosting).

We are going to get more domains for you to choose from so thats more sub domains for you!
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